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Our approach is simple

We Systematize and Automate Business Growth

If You're Looking For a Serious Approach and Simple System to Consistently and Predictably Generate More Leads, Make More Sales and Increase Profitability Without Being a Tech-Wizard - You're In The Right Place!

What We Do For You:

Marketing Strategy


Graphic Design


Landing Pages

Email & Text Campaigns

Marketing Automation

Google & FB Ads

the fortune is in the follow-up

Increase Revenue With Marketing Automation

Let our experienced team help you eliminate all the guesswork and cut through the clutter so you can Turbo-Charge every aspect of your marketing, sales, follow-up, customer retention, and referral generating efforts.

Discover why this fully-integrated marketing automation system is the single most important tool you should be using to build your business and dominate your market.

And in no time you'll... Simplify your life, take control of your time, increase your productivity, and have more fun growing your business...

About Us

We Use Our Experience To Deliver Better Results

Have you ever wondered - like we have - why some smart hard working business owners continually struggle month-after-month, while others seem to have it all figured out and just (Crush-It) day-in-and-day-out living their lives without a care in the world.

Success Leaves Clues...

DVRK Marketing was founded by Arizona Business Brokers and Industry Professionals looking to help their clients (entrepreneurs and business owners) strategically plan their exit and maximize the value of their business - putting them in the best position to sell on their terms and at the best price.

What do all Business Buyers want?  A business that grows month-after-month without it being dependent on the you to thrive.  Let us show you how to implement a simple plug-and-play automated marketing system to organize the "front-end" of you business and accelerate sales growth. 

Another important point, here is what was found after working with thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners from an array of different industries over the past 35 plus years...

The # 1 Reason Business Owners Struggle. 

Advertising efforts are random acts of hope.

There is no strategic systematic approach connecting lead generating marketing campaigns, advertising messages, media channels, sales processes, follow-up efforts and referral processes where everything is linked and working together.

Simply put, most business owners are flying blind and struggle (probably frustrated) trying to navigate broken components and disconnected parts of a fragmented and ineffective system.  There is no measurable way to predict or plan for how many customers (and money) will walk through the doors tomorrow, next week, or next month. 

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Your complete step-by-step roadmap to accelerate your success 

Are You Losing Ground In The Digital Age?

Here is Where The Rubber Meets the Road

We have discovered there are basically two types of business owners out there.

  1. Those who will listen with an open mind – always looking for an edge to outpace, outperform and outgrow their competitors.  They are willing to explore, test and implement new ideas strategies and tactics to attract new prospects, retain existing customers, and introduce processes to win over and steal lost or neglected customers from their competitors.
  2. And others who are inherently skeptical and frustrated by the “Status-Quo” of inconsistent results but resistant and unwilling to change (even knowing things aren’t working).  Instead of taking the time to make much needed improvements to their business, this group tends to poke holes in everything and look for reasons why changing things won’t work for them.

So, the next step is yours...

Are you ready to follow a step-by-step roadmap to a more efficient and profitable operation by adding stability, structure, reliable systems, and stronger process driven controls that will put you in complete control of your life and your business …

Or, are you going to follow the same old beaten path of doing things the same way and hoping for different results?

Let's Get Started - Schedule Your RISK_FREE Strategy Session Today

Book Your "Risk Free" Strategy Session Today

Before you get started, please download and take a few minutes to read The Seven Steps to Seven Figures Guide and look over the checklist  17 Business Building Tips.  This report and checklist talks about why you want to schedule this call, how we can help, and the next steps should you decide to move forward.

A message from our founder

Who we are and why should you trust us?

We understand every business is different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution or silver bullet when it comes to promoting products, services or businesses.

The ideas, resources, strategies, tools, and systems provided here come from real-world entrepreneurs and business owners working for decades in the trenches and on the front lines of business - and by the ones who must to succeed day-in-and-day-out working without a net. 

When we finish, my goal is for you to take this Fully-Integrated Marketing Automation Platform and plug it into your day-to-day operation so you can rapidly boost sales, improve cash-flow and increase profitability - but just as important - for you to take control of your time so you can live a more productive and stress free life.

Strategy Session Overview

The free strategy session is not a ‘pitch call’.  It's really is a FREE 20 to 30 minute consult session to better understand how we can help you with your business.

Save Time and Money 

As Infusionsoft Certified Partners our team has the experience to deliver an efficient, reliable, and easy-to-use fully-integrated marketing, sales, follow-up, customer retention, and referral generating system that works on auto-pilot across every touch point; email, web, mobile and more.  

Proven Systems For Growth

Phase 1:  Planning, Concepts and Strategy

Phase 2:  Design Marketing Automation Platform

Phase 3:  Deliver a Fully-Integrated Solution

Phase 4:  Implement Marketing Campaigns

Phase 5:  Reinforce Brand Loyalty and Trust

Phase 6:  Improve Customer Retention

Phase 7:  Increase Lifetime Customer Value

Phase 8:  Measure, Test and ImproveT

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Multiply Revenue and Scale Your Business Faster with a proven system for generating pre-qualified leads, more consistent sales and a business that's less dependent on you.

Simplify Your Business Life Forever

When You Get To Peek Behind The Curtain - You Will Find The Most Successful and Wealthy People Live By Well Defined Strategies, Processes and Systems

Generate More Leads

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Build Your Wealth

The most dependable  and consistent way to generate wealth is to turn your marketing into profit. 7 key drivers to transform your business into a wealth-producing asset 

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Online Courses

Step-By-Step Launch Guides, Resources and Checklists that hold your hand through building and launching proven campaigns for your business.

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Tools and Resources

We help entrepreneurs build better strategies to win big with proven sales and revenue systems for more predictability, profitability and scalability

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Check what our clients say about us

Darren at DVRK Marketing helped us increase our leads and improve our sales conversion process in just a few weeks

S James

Marketing Consultant

The DVRK Marketing Team has an advanced understanding on how to build direct response lead converting websites.

M. Tatum

Auto Repair Owner

The DVRK Marketing Team Improved our ROI accross all our advertising platforms. 

L. Bellucci


Marketing For The Digital Age

The Smart Customer Management And Sales System Will Simplify Your Business Life Forever

The Next Step Is Yours

There is a better and faster way to grow your business exponentially.  The first step is to stop wasting your time, money and resources on stuff that doesn't work and start to strategically implement repeatable processes and systems to Generate Leads, Boost Sales, Increase Customer Satisfaction, Retention, and Loyalty that will increase customer lifetime value by 5x... 10x... or more.